We commit to fulfilling your search requirements exactly as promised. Each contract is personally designed to meet your needs and specifically states the performance standards by which your satisfaction will be judged.

Equitable Pricing

Our search fees are charged upon successful completion of our assignment. We ensure that the performance burden is placed where it belongs, on us. Our fees are extremely competitive and in line with industry standards. 

Full Service

American Medical Consultants will assist in the scheduling and preparation for candidate visits. We follow up with physicians regularly after they begin practice to assure a smooth transition. The AMC offices are open during the day and evening. 


Over 30 years of Healthcare experience.  Post graduate degree and Certification in Practice Valuations


We commit to make all business decisions based on the following:

  • Comprehensive candidate information will be provided in writing to the client.
  • Complete details for each opportunity will be provided to the candidate (based on the information disclosed by the client).
  • We will guarantee every completed search.
  • Proud Members of the National Association of Physician Recruiters (NAPR) since 1987 and serve on their Ethics Committee